Ford Dealerships from the Past

A look at how the Ford Anglia, Prefect sedans, and Thames vans were marketed

By Dean Kirsten


Well before Ford of England released the popular Ford Anglia, Prefect and Thames to the North American market, there was a worldwide demand for these cars and vans. Even prior to that May of 1948 milestone, markets were already established in far away places like New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Europe. So, you ask, what did those early Ford dealerships look like? Good question, and I am glad you asked. The following photos were recently discovered in New Zealand, and on e-Bay, and show exactly what these early Ford dealerships looked like. Photos provided by Roger Gardner, and should not be copied or downloaded in any way, thanks. Enjoy!


Hawke Motors Limited back in 1948. With the (then) recent release of the new Ford Prfect, this dealer really stocked up for the demand. We spot thirteen new Prefects, as well as one Ford Eight.


Hawke Motors again, this time back in 1939. There's a new Ford Ten (with 3-hole grille), and a Ford Eight next to it. From there on, it's all Ford V-8 sedans and coupes.

John W. Andrews & Sons Ltd., back in 1948. A fresh British-built Prefect sits out front ready to roll.


John Andrew Symond's parts room back in 1946. Love the Art Decco flare of this room, and best of all, they have NOS Anglia parts in stock!


John Andrew Symond's repair shop back in 1954. Here you can spot a valve job going on, as well as several major engine rebuilds.



N-S Motoros Limited, shows full repair shop, petrol station, and their entire line up of shop trucks and vans. Actual dealership appears to be in the rear (see large Ford oval sign on the far left).


Duly & Company Ford dealership in Salsibury, South Africa, in the early fifties. Plenty of Ford Prefects running around in this photo.


Body shop action shows a crashed Ford Prefect, and a Ford Anglia on the far ight. Lots of gas welding going on.