Horopito Motor Wreckers
(Also know as Smash Palace)
New Zealand


I found these five, 3-hole grilles at Horopito, the most anyone has ever located in one spot.

Inside on the many parts rooms, we spent hours looking for Anglia door handles and trim items.

Outside, the view of hundreds of old cars was awesome. You can see a few early Prefects in the lower portion of this photo.

This early Prefect has been buried in parts for decades! One of many still at this location waiting for a new lease on life.

This early pre-war Anglia has mega rust. but still interesting to discover. Chassis is rusted out in the middle of the car.

Another view of this 1940ish Anglia. sagging in the middle.

Grilles were hanging on the walls everywhere. You can spot an E83W grille, along with a 2-hole and 3-hole to the right.

British-built Anglia baths in the sun. Not much hope for this one, but you never know.

Yet another Ford Prefect, this one has donated its grille and bonnet to another runner.

Just too many cars and vans to count, but all rusting away.

Yes, a bush was growing out of this Prefect engine compartment. This is an early model, pre 1940.

More shelves of door handles and parts. We searched through ever one of them for EnFo parts.