Anglia Obsolete Parts List
Parts for 1948-1953-style Anglia, Prefect, Thames, Popular

updated 2/2022
Prices shown DO NOT include shipping. Figure most rubber orders add $25 for Fed-Ex Ground or Priority Mail. We accept Money Orders, checks, or PayPal (please add 3% to order amount). Sorry, we do not use credit cards.


RUBBER (Anglia Obsolete makes their own rubber seals, using EPDM rubber in our own tooling). Our window seals fit and look exactly like stock).

Front Window (Fixed-Style for Anglia and Popular Sedan) (Note: may not work with a full roll cage with the forward down tubes close to the A-pillars). $45

Front Window (Swingout-style front windshield: Thames and Prefect) $45

Rear Window (Anglia, Popular, Prefect, Ute) $45

Rear Door Glass Window (1/4 Ton) Thames panel rear door glass $45pr

Side Quarter Windows (Anglia, Popular, Prefect) $45pr

Roof Top Seal (All Models) $55 (1/2-ton Thames special order)

Door Jam Bumpers (All Models: requires 2) $5ea

Door Jam Bumper (round, upper corner Thames, requires 2) $5ea

Hood Bumpers (small) (Anglia, Popular, Thames: requires 4) $5ea

Large Hood Bumpers (Anglia, Thames, Popular: requires 2) $7.00ea

Rear License Plate Bumpers (Sedans: requires 2) $5.00ea

Trunk Lid T-Handle Molded Rubber Seal $10.00

Hood Corner Rubber Kit w/rivets (Anglia, Thames, Popular) $25pr

Front Bumper Bracket Rubber Grommets (All models) $45pr

Gas Tank Filler Neck rubber grommet (Anglia, Popular) $40

Gas Tank Filler Neck rubber grommet (Prefect) $35

Park Light Base Rubber Seals (Anglia, '48 Prefect, and Thames vans) $40pr

Wiper Shaft Rubber Seal for Cowl $15pr


Hood Lace Set (seal) with brass split rivets $25

Badge Spoon (Chromed) (New, Repro, for 2-hole grille) $50

Badge Spoon (Chromed, new, repro, 3-hole grille) $60

Scripts: (New, Repro, Chromed: Anglia, Popular, Prefect) $40ea

Hood Strip Brackets (Repro) chromed plated $45pr

Windshield Frame Corners (Prefect, Thames) new, chrome $30pr

Inside Window Winder Handles $40ea

Inside door handles (new, chromed, repro, "Banana shaped") $25ea (OEM $40)

Thames panel Inside Door handle (New, Repro) $20ea

Door Handles (outside) new, Locking with key $120, Non-locking $100

Trunk Lid Handle with key $100

Firewall/chassis I.D. Plate, bare without numbers $22



Front Fender Park Lights: Park Light Lenses, $30ea

Park Light Rims, used $25ea

Park Light Sockets, used $20ea

License Plate Light (Popular, 1/2 ton Thames) (NOS) $75

Headlight 5" or 7" diameter Buckets (Used) $100pr

Headlight 7" rim (lense and reflector type) $40ea

Headlight Glass Lense 5" or 7" Used $60ea

Headlight Bucket Mounting Stem with nut (New, Repro) $20ea



Front or Rear Bumpers ( Used) $125-200ea

Front or Rear Bumper Brackets (Used) $40pr

Front Fender (Used) call

Rear Fender (Used) call

Front Fender/Headlight Braces (Used) $50pr

Hood Assembly (Used, w/o trim) Call

Front Grill Shell (2-Hole Grill-Style) (Used, bare, no trim) $300-600

Stainless Grill Trim (Good Used, Limited supply) $250pr

Stainless Hood Trim (Good Used, Limited Supply) $300pr

Trim Clips; Grill Set (32pcs) $25, Hood Set (22pcs) $20

Window Regulator (Used) (Specify model & side) $80ea

Window Regulator replacement (small) ratchet spring $20ea

Door Hinge Pins new, repro $25 set

Door Latches (Used) (Specify side, locking/ non-locking $45ea

Latch Control Arm (Used, Specify model and side) $40ea

Latch Control Arm tension spring $10ea

Door Check Arm Stop & hardware $30pr

Door Jam Striker Plates (used) $22ea

Door Jam Dove Tail Striker Kit (Female) $30pr

Dove Tails (new) centered, or off-set $30ea

Door Hinge Screw & nut mounting kit $25pr

Trunk Lid Latch Assembly $45

Dash Panels (Bakelite) (Specify model & style) $200-250

Window Templates (precision hand-cut from original glass on file for any piece of glass used on these cars). We offer patterns cut from poster board $50 set, or $15 each. Using these patterns, and our rubber seals will insure that your glass will fit and look like stock.

Key Blanks, MRN or FA $5ea. Cut key to code $10

STOCK COMPONENTS (E93A series only)

Windshield Wiper Motor Vacuum (NOS) (Specify model) $100

Wiper Assembly Cross-Bar and Stems (used) $80

Distributor Cap $40

Distributor Point Set $20

Distributor Condenser $15

Distributor Rotor $15

Engine Topend Gasket Set (NOS) (specify 8 or 10hp) $60

Engine Conversion Set (pan, timing cover, etc) $40

10hp Piston Set w/ rings, pins, clips (specify size) call

Piston Rings (8 or 10hp) (Specify Size & piston type) $50set

Timing Chain $40

Main Bearings (Specify size) $125set

Valves (Intake or Exhaust) $25ea

Engine Front Mounts (stock-type; rubber w/metal shells) $80pr

Rear Upper Transmission Mounts $20pr

Rear Lower Transmission Mounts $20pr

Front Suspension Bumpers $30pr

Front Brake Backing Plate Dust Covers $50pr

Rear Brake Backing Plate Dust Covers $30pr

Tie Rod End Dust Covers $20 set of 4

Oil Filter, NOS $50

Master Parts or, Repair Manual(s) Repro (200+ pages) $40ea



We carry main bearings, rod bearings, gaskets, timing chains, water pumps, valves, springs, ring gear, clutch, disc, t/o bearing, pistons, rings, and distributor tune up parts. Please ask.


We carry a large assortment of used parts, odds and ends,
and sheet metal, inquire with your needs, Thanks, Dean