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  This is one of the many crates of Anglia parts that we have uncovered overseas. On my right, I have my good friends Rex and his late wife Kay Warwick, along with their son, Jamie (on my left), from Tilehurst, England. This photo was taken back in 1988. Without these super people, I would not be able to offer the kind of rare English Ford parts that I do today. Many people often tell me that heck, old Anglias and Thames are everywhere in England, and it's no big deal finding new parts. WRONG! Consider the damp, moist weather, and general lack of interest with early English Fords, parts are just not around any longer - Dean Kirsten
  This old photo was taken on February 1, 1970. This was the first 1/4-ton Thames panel I ever saw in 100% stock condition. My good old buddy, Mike Lacko and I, found this one on a farm in Hurricane, Utah. It was part of a fleet of Thames used to sell door-to-door, Magic Wand electric Lawn Mower sharpeners, for the Acme Manufacturing Company, Gardena, CA. This one was #22. We bought the truck for $200 and it ran! I owned this Thames for over thirty years.
  Thanks to Rex and Kay Warwick, I found the ONLY-KNOWN "Anglia" woodie in Northern America, up to Terry Olsen locating his. This is a 1938 Model 7Y Shooting Brake. It was found in a backyard in London in the early '90s. Only five of these rare-birds are known to exist in the world today. Rare shooting brake is now owned by Robert Draugham of Fayetteville, NC.
  So you want to look for old Anglia parts in England? Well, here's what you are up against; during the summer, you will encounter over-grown scrap yards that have swamp-like conditions, and few useable parts. Here, Rex and I managed to save a Prefect windshield frame from the elements. It took us hours to get back into this mess, but we did find a few cool items. This scrap yard now, no longer exists. Too bad..
  The ones that got away? We heard about these two Anglias sitting in a field, somewhere in England. So, for days, we searched around, only to find them in this condition. Anglia laying around everywhere, huh? Yeah, they are laying all right. Other than a few bits and bobs, we nearly struck out. We did manage to get that rear bumper off the one on the left. By the way, the front-halves were rusted away!
  Our own fully restored 1954 Popular. Two-owner, 46,000 mile sedan was found in England back in '89, by Rex (who else?), and was shipped to California later that year. After a 1-1/2-year ground-up restoration, we now enjoy this beauty around Vista, and at local rod and British car meets. This car is featured in the 2002 Hemming Motor News British Car calendar for the month of April.
  Before you get the impression that we can get anything for these cars, and have a HUGE stock of fresh trunk lids and fenders, think again. Since we only do this part-time, we have a very limited amount of sheet metal available. Yes, there has been shipments from New Zealand that looked like this, but not lately! We do carry a good selection of 2-hole grilles and hoods, but sadly lack inner fender panels and fenders. Inquire with your needs, we will try to help you with your project - Dean Kirsten

  This is a display I created for the 2005 Del Mar Fair Hobby and Craft show. These are but a fraction of some of the collectables I have found duing the past 20+ years of collecting.