Oceanside, California
1950 Thames Panel Pro Street Project

As found, in British Columbia in summer of1994. Thames had been sitting for years, minus engine and trans. Car was shipped to California in July 1994.

In 1996, Steve began to strip the truck of the original (rotten) wood, metal flooring and wheel wells. Note the window cut into the right-side of the body (not stock).

BELOW, stripping the body of many years of paint and crud. Notice the original green paint now showing. Different front grille has been installed at this point.

With body removed from chassis (BELOW), Steve primed it for the first time. Notice the non-factory side window. Holes in passenger door for space tire, have been welded-close.

BELOW, new Speciality Chassis, complete with tires and wheels. Wheels are Mehelich; (12x15) and (6x14), tires are MTs 29x15.5x15, and 195x14s. Suspension is coil-over shock.

With body now mounted on new chassis (BELOW), Steve's Thames is starting to look like a real street rod. Engine is a 383 Chevy, with a Turbo 350 trans, and 9-inch Ford rear.


Thames shown at Hot Rod Heaven (BELOW), where the body was mounted, along with mounting a Jeff Davis-built (19.5-gallon) gas tank. Tires fit under stock fenders.

Hot Rods and Custom Stuff (Escondido, CA), began to install the roll cage, rear tubs, flooring and top insert. Notice that the extra side window has now been filled-in (finally!)

Looking inside the Thames, Steve used a polished aluminum Ididit steering column, stock dash will be used. Photo shows Thames before Anglia doors were installed.

Shown at Hot Rods and Custom Stuff (Oct '99), Steve's Thames now shows a pair of custom-built rear doors, along with new rear apron. Rear windows still to come.

Detail shot shows 10-inch longer Anglia doors installed. Extra length give much better vision out the side of the truck. Rear side panel was modified to fit longer door.

Latest shot taken last month (March 2000), shows Anglia door installation done, along with removal, and modifications to drip rails. Top has been filled-in with new metal.