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The late, great Keith Hagelgans' Wild "Jumpin'Jack" Anglia.
We sure miss him!
Wild Action photos provided by Dave Milcarek

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Since 1987, we have been actively searching the globe for the elusive Ford Anglia... and its parts. What started in England back in 1940, at the Ford Dagenham assembly plant, turned out to be one of the all-time favorites for drag racing gassers. While the Ford Anglia did not surface in North America until the spring of 1948, between that time and the end of the 1953 model year, the Anglia, Prefect and Thames panel would later became one of the most popular small cars ever to hit the drag strip and cruise spots all over the nation. But where did they all go?


 During the latter portion of 1948, selected Ford dealers across the U.S. and Canada, carried this line of unique and somewhat smaller imported sedans and panels vans. With high hopes of selling over 12,000 units the first year, in reality, only 3,223 actually went out the dealer's front door. Prices were slashed 20-30% off of suggested retail ($1498 for a 4-door Prefect, $1398 for a 2-door Anglia, and $1212 for the 1/4-ton Thames panel). Sales did indeed increase for 1949, but from that point on, with increasing amount of new model domestic cars and trucks being released, the outlook was bleak for the English Ford market in North America. Sales would never reach their targets as the American buyers were looking for something larger, faster, flashier, and made in the States.


 With a major change in body styling in 1954 (the 100/300E models), the older, upright-style was on its way out of vogue. Resale value was grim and within a few years, these cars and trucks were worth very little on the used car market. But in the early sixties, hot rodders saw this small, light-weight vehicle as a great racer, and within years, the Ford Anglia saw a new demand from drag racers across the States.
The heyday of the Ford Anglia as a gasser was during the late sixties and early seventies. The popularity of these vehicles as a street rod would not catch on until the late seventies and early eighties. Nowadays, the 1948-style Anglia, Prefect and Thames are very sought after cars for Pro Street projects. Currently, according to our records, less than 3000 of these vehicles still exist in North America (in any form or condition!)
Our goal at Anglia Obsolete is to offer what parts and information we can for the early model Anglia, Prefect and Thames Panel - stock or high-performance applications. Due to the limited market size, we only do this part-time. Yes, we have a real job. E-Mail is without a doubt the best way to get in touch with us. But you can call us here in Vista, California, and we will be in touch. We have helped hundreds of owners with their Anglia projects. Cars that feature our parts and window rubber have been spot-lighted on the cover, and inside many top automotive publications (including Hot Rod, Street Rodder, Rod & Custom and many more). Thanks for stopping by our web site and feel free to drop us a line. Dean Kirsten

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